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Located in Neuilly-en-Thelle some 50 kms north of Paris. PRIPLAK® specialises in the production of polypropylene sheets.

Société Priplak

The product PRIPLAK® is a strong yet flexible plastic sheet, ideal for communication and display products, packaging and stationery.
PRIPLAK® is not only the name of our company, it’s also the product we have been manufacturing and selling worldwide, since 1973.

The Priplak range is recognized as the widest and most complete offer of the market.

swatch 2020

Priplak propose two swatches: Colours and Collection which offer many embossings and colours. The Color swatch presents the various colours possibilities and the Collection swatch presents the various embossing and the thicknesses possibilities (from 280µ to 2000µ according to products)